Areas Of Law

Areas of Law in Which our Centre Provides Advice

Solicitors working at the Centre can provide advice in the following areas:


  • Family Law – Parenting and Property

  • Family / Domestic Violence

  • Care and Protection

  • Fines and Bills

  • Employment

  • Centrelink Benefits

  • Divorce and Separation

  • Child and Spousal Maintenance

  • Victims’ Support / Compensation

  • Consumer Complaints

  • Discrimination

  • Government Complaints (including police, schools etc.)

  • Tenancy / Housing

  • Minor Traffic Offences

  • Scams

  • Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship (advice only)


Sometimes, the advice provided to you may involve a referral to another service provider (such as a financial counsellor or mediation) or to a private solicitor, or specialist legal service.


Occasionally, if you are unable to afford a private solicitor, the solicitors at the Centre may agree to assist you to run the matter yourself, or may act for you in a matter. If we agree to act for you, you will be provided with a Client Agreement which you must sign and return to our office.


We may also seek legal advice/representation from other law firms on your behalf who provide pro bono (free) legal services.


If you are eligible for Legal Aid, it is possible that the Centre may be able to secure legal aid funding for your matter. You may be asked to complete a Legal Aid application and should bring with you your bank statement, statement of benefits from Centrelink, rental agreement or housing agreement etc. Please note that the Centre can only obtain grants of aid where all other legal firms in Broken Hill are unable to act for you, and Legal Aid NSW reserves the right to give the grant of aid to any firm on its panel. This may mean that even though we make the application on your behalf, you may be sent to another solicitor by Legal Aid NSW.


Please note that it is the policy of this Centre that we will not act for you or provide you with advice on a matter where you are already represented by another solicitor.  Our service is designed to assist people who are not otherwise able to afford private legal advice.  We may refer you to a private solicitor if we form the view that you are able to afford private legal representation.


The Centre reserves the right to refuse to service you, and is not required to provide you with a reason for doing so. This decision will be made by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Far West Community Legal Centre Principal Solicitor.

Areas of Law in Which our Centre DOES NOT Provide Advice

The Solicitors at our centre do not provide advice in the following areas:


  • Migration and Immigration

  • Business or Commercial matters

  • Commercial or Retail Leasing

  • Injuries & Worker’s Compensation

  • Apprehended Violence Orders

  • Criminal Law

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